Our Structure
The Vineyard In Canada

The Vineyard community consists of two separate entities that exist in harmony with one another. The first is a non-legal, committed family of churches within which pastors and churches are cared for, encouraged, stimulated and called to account. The second entity is a formally constituted, legal organization that exists in order to equip, strengthen and resource our local churches.

Our Community of Churches

The Vineyard Churches Canada structure is based on committed relationship that recognizes functional and relational authority but does not add legal authority to the structure. Oversight and care is exercised within our four relational Regions (BC, Prairies, Ontario & Atlantic) and, therefore, outside of the legal structure of constitutions and bylaws. Cohesiveness of national vision is preserved by gathering key influencers within the Vineyard family from time to time for that specific purpose.

Vineyard Canada

We at Vineyard Canada exist to facilitate a national sense of shared story, connectedness, inspiration and common vision through the sharing of resource, consultation and information for and on behalf of our community of Vineyard churches. It is our heart to catalyze growth and stimulate the spiritual health of our communities and to intentionally facilitate and en-courage their synergistic interaction with one another.

We also serve to facilitate communication and connection with the various Vineyard Associations from around the world and other denominational groups in Canada in our shared mission to demonstrate and proclaim the reality of Jesus’ kingdom in all the world.