Kingdom Multiplication
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Hello Vineyard Canada family! Let me introduce to you the term KM² (Kingdom Multiplication). I think we all realize that healthy things grow and healthy things multiply. I think we also realize that organizations, including churches and families of churches go through seasons of growth, seasons of decline, difficult seasons and joyful seasons. We are in a season right now where God is stirring many of us to believe for a season of multiplication and to be proactive towards multiplying new Jesus communities. Although we are specifically talking about multiplying new churches, we know that this is intricately linked to both multiplying new disciples of Jesus and new leaders.

We have identified a group of sixteen people who are committed to bringing KM² to the forefront of our Vineyard Canada mission through discussion, webinars, strategic planning and strategic action. They are composed of people already planting, thinking of planting, sending church leaders and coaches. We are in the midst of writing a plan and engagement track so there is no confusion anywhere in our Vineyard Canada context what the next steps are for someone who is praying and thinking about planting. We are hoping that every church, region, and cluster of churches will always be asking “where is God calling us to plant next?”

I realize many of our churches are struggling. My guess would be a quarter of them are hanging on, wondering if they are going to make it, or if they should even continue. Perhaps another quarter are thriving and sensing momentum and real ministry engagement with the wider community. Maybe 50% would identify as plateaued and perhaps ‘stuck’ in their mission. I doubt if this would be much different in most church families. We need to come alongside each other with whatever encouragement, prophetic insight, friendship, and practical resourcing would be helpful. In the light of this, we can never stop multiplying new disciples, new leaders and new churches. In fact, the cries and activity from the ‘neo natal’ unit are often what brings joy and energy for the rest of the hospital!

Several days ago I heard the words ‘double double’. I realize it may have been the spirit of Tim Horton, but it could have been a contextualized word from God for Vineyard Canada. I am going to believe and work towards the doubling of our Vineyard communities in Canada. In order for us to see this, we will need to ‘double’ our training efforts and not outsource our equipping to other groups. This involves what we are doing with children, youth, and young adults. More on this later.

Who is up for the adventure?

For more information, please contact Larry Levy at larrylevite (at) gmail (dot) com.