Jeff & Megan Webb, Chilliwack Vineyard

Tina-Marie Axenty, Nov 11, 2020, 4:12 AM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator
Jeff & Megan Webb.jpg

Jeff and Megan will be stepping into the lead pastor role this September 20th at the Chilliwack Vineyard, inheriting this position from Vern and Sue Tompke. They have been married for 15 years and have three children, Liam age 13, Sawyer age 11 and Isla age 9. Jeff and Megan's journey into this role began about 6 years ago and came from an unexpected place. Their call to ministry was birthed from a place of brokenness and a deep need for restoration and redemption in their story. God met them in their need and drew them to Himself, showing them the power of His healing presence and love.

As God was revealing Himself to Jeff and Megan, He began to reveal His plan and calling on their lives. Their journey began with a series of little 'yeses', not really sure where it would all lead. They followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the open doors God was providing, doing their best to trust God along the way. Jeff and Megan recognize that each step they take is full of even more healing when they partner these steps with God's plans. This gives them great hope! They are both so thankful for where God has brought them and are overjoyed to be leading the Chilliwack Vineyard Church!

God has given them such a love for the city of Chilliwack and His Church. Their greatest passion is to see Gods Church flourish and to bring the Kingdom of Jesus to earth. If you were to ask them what their main objective is, they would say this: To know God and out of the place of knowing God, to reveal His heart to the world. They are full of expectation and anticipation as they step into the next phase of the journey and cannot wait to see what God does!