Sojourners, Sheep, Snakes and Doves

David Ruis, Mar 25, 2021, 2:38 AM
David Ruis National Director

Pastoring people in the midst of this COVID reality is quite a challenge. Alongside of being our National Directors, David and Anita give oversight to the pastoral team at the Kelowna Vineyard Community in BC. As is true for many of us, they have quite a
swath of diversity with their congregation which also means that there are varying, and even at times, opposing perspectivesregarding everything from the pandemic, to politics, to the place and role of the Church in turbulent times like these. We also are facing a lot of tension amongst the churches in our neighbourhoods and cities as we try and navigate current events and culture, and our response to them. David's message to his local community this past Sunday seemed to really anchor people and give them a fresh perspective on things. It seemed that it might be helpful for this to go to a wider audience, particularly within our Canadian Vineyard family. So, we're going to let this be the National Directors reflection for this months communique. Enjoy.