Ecclesia: Learn to Live as "The Called Out"

Deconstructing your faith, hurt by the Church, or burnt out on religion?  Or maybe you are full of faith and hope for the future of the Church?

Come gather with others in their 20's and 30's across Canada for our 4th annual REACH Conference with guest speaker Caleb Maskell. This year's theme, "Ecclesia," will explore the New Testament term for Church, which means "called out ones." What exactly are we called out of, what did Jesus have in mind when He started the Church, and how can the Church better embody the Way of Jesus today? You won't want to miss it! You don't need to be a part of a local Vineyard church to attend. (This is an in-person event only).

REACH is an initiative of Vineyard Canada and welcomes anyone in their 20's and 30's. The integration of REACH being peer-led, along with a deep investment from our seasoned Vineyard Canada National Team, makes REACH unique. Beyond our annual dialogical conference, REACH offers ongoing learning opportunities and connection and is a rich context for both personal spiritual formation and leadership growth.

*** Breakout Sessions (included in your registration) are coming soon! Stay tuned to sign up for your choices.

If you register before December 31, you can save $50, so don't delay!

  • $75 - Early Admission Rate (Nov 8 - Dec 31)
  • $100 - Regular Admission Rate (Jan 1 - Feb 10)
  • $110 - Late Admission Rate (Feb 11 - Feb 25)
  • $90 - Day Admission Rate

If finances are a hindrance to attending, please apply to receive potential scholarships.

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We are super excited Caleb Maskell is coming from Vineyard USA to teach this year. You only have to be around Caleb for five minutes to realize he's super intelligent and gifted and has his heart deeply engaged in the way of Jesus, serving the Church with humility. He'll bring the deep and the real in ways that will practically help our generation mature in Christ and lead in the Church. We can't wait!