Gospel with the Poor

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Gospel With The Poor conveys God's heart for the "lost and least". This resource is an actual Bible study, adapted from John Wimber's original. It includes 9 studies complete with scriptures, study prompts and outreach actions for all particip


Power Evangelism

John Wimber

This revised and updated edition describes the releasing of God's power through signs and wonders to refresh, renew, heal, and equip His people.


John Wimber: The Way it Was

Carol Wimber

Carol Wimber wrote 'The Way it Was', telling the story of her life with John Wimber, their ministry and John's death in 1997. This book has now been republished with a brand new foreword from Carol!


Breakthrough - Discovering the Kingdom

Derek Morphew

This book explores the big picture of the kingdom of God throughout scripture and provides the best framework for Jesus' life, death, resurrection and ascension, signs and wonders, healing, revivals, mission and evangelism, and the Christian life.


The 5 Step Prayer Model For Kids

Using this little booklet will enable you to teach kids to effectively pray for other people in really simply ways!

Documents & Forms

Kids Ministry Values & Practices Document

This document helps orient both parents and kids team members to the values and practices of your church kids ministry, so that you can best nurture children together. You'll want to tweak this document to suit your context.


Youth Guide 2021

Steph Helsel

We've created a 20 unit spiritual formation guide to enable students to know Jesus more deeply.


Make Love, Make War

Brian Doerksen

Brian shares rich truths and insights that informed twelve of his greatest songs, and offers special tips for aspiring songwriters. Readers will be encouraged to wage spiritual war and share His love through a life of radical worship.


To Know You More

Andy Park

Andy Park is a veteran worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist and longtime pastor in the Canadian Vineyard. He's someone we can learn from as to why a worship leader must be first and foremost a worshipper!

Song Lyrics, Chords, & Sheet Music

Vineyard Songs

Vineyard worship songs from around the world have played a historic role in providing the Body of Christ with songs marked by intimacy with God, Kingdom theology, and a call to passionate mission. The Vineyard Songs website hosts over 850 worship songs!


Imaginators Podcast

Brought to you by Vineyard Creative, and hosted by Kris MacQueen and Matte Downey this podcast offers conversation about creativity that is a little bit fearless, a little bit brave, a lot honest, and a lot thoughtful... mixed with a dangerous dose of holy.


The Ferment Podcast

Hosted by Adam Russell, director of Vineyard Worship USA, this podcast explores essential conversations about worship and transformation.

Documents & Forms

Pre-Engagement Preparation

This is a great resource to help couples determine the health and trajectory of their relationship before getting engaged. For many, this resource is a much more helpful deep dive before making the enormous life decision to marry.


Meet Suhail Stephen!

As part of Formation, Suhail is the Spiritual Direction catalyst for Vineyard Canada.


What is Spiritual Direction?

Suhail Stephen

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice – which "most generations of Christians have agreed is essential" (Eugene Peterson) – intended to facilitate personal awareness of God's presence, voice, and activity.


Find a Spiritual Director

If you are interested in finding a spiritual director we have a survey you can fill out and submit!


Five Levels of Leadership - Part 1

Todd Rutkowski

Leadership in the Church involves various ways of leading. This two part video series unpacks how healthy leaders build community and will enable better skills to see your church community flourish.


Five Levels of Leadership - Part 2

Todd Rutkowski

Leadership in the Church involves various ways of leading. This two part video series unpacks how healthy leaders build community and will enable better skills to see your church community flourish


TRC Calls to Action

It's important for the Church to engage the work of justice in our communities and reconciliation and healing between indigenous and settler people in Canada is essential to this kingdom work.


Racism & Power

We'd encourage you to listen to this important episode on Racism & Power.


A New Way Forward (series)

Vineyard Engage produced this video series in 2018, exploring what it looks like for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to walk together in a good way.