Five Levels of Leadership - Part 1

Todd Rutkowski

Categories: Leadership

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Leadership in the Church involves three forms of leading: theological leadership, communicating, and leading the people of God towards God's purposes as defined in Scripture. These forms of leadership involve pastoral skills, the art of caring, listening, praying and nurturing individuals and families, and community building leadership - calling a group together and forward.

While all three forms of leadership are valid and needed in these two videos we unpack how leaders build community. We will look at work of John Maxwell and wrestle with how leaders expand their influence, build community, and call a group of people (be it a church, home group, worship team, children's ministry team, etc) together and forward.

In part 1 we look at Level's 1 and 2 which are referred to as position and permission levels. In part 2 we explore levels 3 – 5 which are referred to as productivity, people development and pinnacle. Levels 3 – 5 are about getting results, developing others and leaving a legacy.