“Health Begets Health” - Part One

David Ruis, Nov 21, 2017, 6:26 PM

Well it certainly has been quite the journey these last several years since Anita and I stepped into the National Director role for the Canadian #VTribe.
Moving through a national repositioning in 2015 which we identified as "From Silos To Integration," we tackled what it meant to be a people "Dwelling In The Borderlands" in '16. Upon much reflection, sifting through prophetic nudges coast to coast and some honest assessment of where our leadership and communities were at nationally, we stepped into '17 turning our face toward the theme of "Health Begets Health."
This has opened some deep reflection, process and shifting right through our National family. Everything from how we are caring for our bodies, minds, souls and spirits to re-examining the way our local communities are managed, missionally positioned and mobilized. 
The Spirit has been ruthless with us, yet in His magnanimous and gentle way, guiding us into healthier rhythms, communication skills and good process maybe more than ever before. We are witnessing personal shifts in lifestyle and work habits, seeing old wounds addressed, some breaches in fractured community repaired, and several people "returning" to the Vineyard as a result right across the country. For some it's been quite painful. In all of it, eventually liberating. I think for all of us, it has been paradigm shifting on several levels. Personal. In localized community. Regional. National.
The journey continues.
We hosted two Metanoia gatherings this year, one in Ottawa, ON and the other in Langley, BC. With special guest Jared Boyd, we walked through Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as a template for the kind of health we want perpetuated in our movement. Several "new" national voices emerged through this exercise, most notably (for me at least) being Kris MacQueen (Cambridge, ON), Chad Lucas (Halifax, NS) and Erica Kobewka, Edmonton, AB), another aspect of increasing health in the #VTribe.
Take a look and listen to Anita and I unpacking our introductory thoughts in Langley last month. More later.

David Ruis