REACH: Exploring "Calling" With Younger Leaders (20-39)

Vineyard Canada, Jan 20, 2020, 11:52 PM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator

Join us if any of these fit you!

  • You are church staff or a leader
  • You wonder about church planting or pastoring
  • You're interested in a vocational calling to the church
It's important we don't lose sight of who God is calling to lead in the Church. We want to invest in younger leaders, create excellent on-ramps for their leadership in our Vineyard churches, and discover what God is stirring among them.

David & Anita Ruis, Todd Rutkowski, and Joyce Rees will be facilitating our shared learning.

Billeting Available, Meals Provided
In need of billeting? Please contact [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]

We will gather in Calgary, AB. Exact location to be announced.

Session Times:
Fri Feb 21 : 7pm-11pm
Sat Feb 22: 9am-9pm
Sun Feb 23: 9am-2pm

Cost: $60