Racism in the Church

Vineyard Canada, Nov 11, 2020, 3:12 AM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator

How are you engaging issues of race & white privilege within Vineyard churches?

The Vineyard has been predominantly White in Canada, but we are encouraged to see this shifting into more multicultural, diverse churches that reflect the communities they are located in. We actively encourage local churches to prioritize diversity in their leadership roles to increasingly include gender, socio-economic, ethnic, and intergenerational diversity.

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Our national team is 42% female, and 15% of our team is ethnically diverse – currently Métis, South East Asian, and Indigenous leaders are represented. As the Vineyard family becomes more diverse, we are inviting new representation in our gatherings both regionally and nationally.

Additionally, hosting blanket exercises, beginning gatherings with land acknowledgements and blessings upon local indigenous people, as well as seeking wisdom from elders are some specific ways we are leaning into reconciliation with the First Peoples in Canada. Vineyard Engage has numerous resources to help us better address racism in the Church and enable our learning and growth as we seek to walk the way of Jesus together.