John & Donna Adams, The Father's Vineyard

Tina-Marie Axenty, Nov 11, 2020, 4:04 AM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator
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Before we first planted our church (Jan 2015), we prayed and asked God for clarity on how we should function as a church body. He gave us 44 pages of point form directives. Because of our belief in being ancient spiritual gates, releasing the kingdom through our worship, we prayed for worshipers. God sent us not just worshipers but several worship leaders. We are blessed. Members of our church family are hungry, Spirit-filled believers that are done with complacent, mediocre Christianity. They have learned the value of becoming an explorer (a seeker of the Kingdom, not a settler in the Kingdom). We make room for personal and corporate prophecy, prayer, and unbridled worship. Often, the Holy Spirit moves from one worship leader to the next, sometimes even leading from within the congregation. It is more acceptable to us to let Holy Spirit lead the service rather than forging ahead with a service "formula". God never ceases to amaze us.

The most exciting thing is seeing the development of healthy leaders as we foster mutual accountability. We endeavour to create a safe space for people to experiment with their spiritual gifts. Teaching kingdom principles and practical practices for Christian living has produced spiritual growth and maturity within our church family. Hardened hearts have softened, and defence mechanisms have diminished. As a result, individuals are finding themselves to be less offendable. All of this has enabled the leadership more latitude to disciple/develop people in their character and spiritual gifts. They are learning to function as leaders, prophetically encouraging, speaking and praying into each other's lives. We are witnessing authentic Father's Love flowing from one to another and testifying that Jesus is the one we serve. It is a beautiful thing! The key is not just in the initial surrender but in the daily yielding to His Spirit. We are continually encouraged as we watch Him build His church in front of us."

Blessings from John & Donna Adams and the rest of our Tribe.
The Father's Vineyard of Halton Region in Ontario.