Daniel & Dawn Snell, Nelson Vineyard

Tina-Marie Axenty, Nov 11, 2020, 5:53 PM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator
Daniel & Dawn.jpg

From their first date on February 7th 1993 to their engagement on April 1st and subsequent marriage on August 25th of that same year, Dawn & Daniel continue to live adventurously in every step, together. With their five kids (Andrew 23, Dani 20, David 18, Diara 15, Ahelia 12) the Snell's planted and with a terrific leadership team, continue to give pastoral oversight to the Nelson Vineyard Church in Nelson, BC. Long before they even met, Jesus began to stoke the fires of future pastoral ministry and cross-cultural missions but neither a "calling" nor personal/vocational vision provided them for what the journey would actually look like (but both did keep them going).

Roots began to grow in the Vineyard and through 10 years of formal ministry training, education and pastoral mentorship they stepped out and planted a church through the envisioned community of the Aldergrove Vineyard Community Church in 2005. So much of the journey since has been shaped by taking risks, stumbling along, grabbing hold of a solid relational network and leadership team and a deep sense of calling to stay true to Jesus' marching orders.

What began as a more conventional model of pastoring gave way to what is now, a healthy model of co-vocational leadership where Dawn and Daniel model and equip by living out the kingdom life (spiritual gifts & training) both in the context of church community and through community-based vocation. In addition to serving as lead pastor's Dawn serves as a public school principal and Daniel as a public school special education teacher. Dawn holds a Bachelor of Education degree (TWU) and is currently completing an MA - Education Leadership (TWU). Daniel earned both a Bachelor of Arts - Social Sciences and Human Services (TWU), a Bachelor of Education (UBC) and is beginning his Master's of Counselling & Psychotherapy (Yorkville). Their leadership life is so much richer and continues to be vibrantly adventurous as they serve through this model of co-vocational pastoral ministry.

So, for extra fun, the Snell's spend the snowy winters buried under 7' of snow but do get out to downhill and cross country ski a fair bit. Their family lets loose on the mountain bike and hiking trails, rivers and lakes where they ride, hike, swim, fly fish and enjoy the outdoor mountian life, all while nurturing a large family garden.  All this, too, is so much a part of the "now" of the "now & not yet".