Sabbatum Sanctum, Shadows

Vineyard Canada, Nov 12, 2020, 3:37 AM
David Ruis National Director

This is the last day of Lent in the Church Calendar in the West. We've observed Good Friday and today is what is known as Sabbatum Sanctum (Holy Saturday) or Black Saturday, the culmination of Holy Week. Tomorrow is Easter, the first day of Eastertide.

For todays reflection, I thought I'd share a song originally written for an International Justice Mission Europe project a few years ago, "Shadows." The original intent of this material was to give a voice for the marginalized, particualrly sex slaves. As I've been reflecting throughout this Holy Week, it came back to mind. It hit me in a way I'd never thought of before. I was struck with the realization of how much the feel and lyric of this song could also describe some of what Jesus was feeling in his last days here. Marginalized. Alone. Betrayed. Drinking deep of the cup before him. Learning obedience through suffering.

I saw this moment as a creative space for me to link an artistic interpretation of the Stations of the Cross that I deeply love, to this musical piece. It seemed to me that Sabbatum Sanctum, or Black Saturday would be a good time to release this given the seasonal, and global moment of crisis, that we are in. This is a pretty raw, stripped down, just piano and vocal version, but Sarah Brendel and I really lean into this demo.

Huge Kudo's to Scott Erikson for his extraordinary art and interpretation of the Stations of the Cross which accompany the song. His material is used with permission.

Let this combination of art and song create space for you to reflect today. To remember.

My dear friend, The Reverend Anne Privett, the priest over at St. Andrews Anglican Church here in Kelowna, dropped me a text last night after previewing this KeyNote. "Beautifully done! Have a blessed Holy Saturday. May the silence and stillness of the tomb enfold our waiting." Ditto.