The thorn bush will bow

Tina-Marie Axenty, Nov 12, 2020, 3:52 AM
David Ruis National Director

The Thorn Bush Will Bow /David Ruis

To all those who mourn

Beauty crowns your head

There is precious oil

That makes the spirit glad again

A sacrifice of praise

A fragrant offering

Sing your lament Salvation is near at hand

To all those who long

A crown of justice waits There's weeping in the night Joy will rise as morning breaks

Though mountains fall While the earth is crumbling All heaven's trembling

The righteous will stand Like oaks of righteousness Strong and unwavering

When the sparrow hits the ground It is under watching eye

Though the righteous tumble down They get up again

When the brambles choke the soil Life is brimming underground

The meek will rise on eagle's wings Inheriting the earth

The mountains will sing Midst the clapping trees As we go out in peace

The thorn bush will bow 'Neath the healing breeze Of the myrtle trees