Jason & Yvonne Parks, Vineyard Ottawa

Tina-Marie Axenty, Feb 02, 2021, 7:37 PM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator
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Jason and Yvonne Parks have been married for 26 years, and have two beautiful daughters. (Anneka is 20 & Aila is 17). They met in the late 80's while playing on a youth worship team together...and haven't looked back since!

When Jason and Yvonne moved to Ottawa from Winnipeg in 2007, they had no idea what life had in store for them. (And they certainly didn't imagine planting a church!)

Both raised in Winnipeg, Jason and Yvonne became a part of Winnipeg Centre Vineyard shortly after David and Anita Ruis had planted. The Parks' thrived at WCV as worship leaders and coordinators, homegroup leaders, and as part of the extended leadership team.

When work moved them to Ottawa in 2007, they were leaving all they had known (church, family, and friends) to come to a city they were entirely unfamiliar with. But, feeling a call to the marketplace, they made the move and soon saw God build and bless their separate businesses. But finding community was another story.

For 7 years they looked for a 'home' church in Ottawa. While they met many amazing people, and spent time in many lovely communities, that feeling of 'home' evaded them. It wasn't until connecting with like-hearted friends Richard and Terry Long, (who were also on the search for 'home') that the 4 of them began to feel connected, and saw that God had something in mind for them all.

This led to the start of a city-wide worship night called "The Well", and eventually led to the idea to start a simple homegroup with some who had been attending The Well, but were also struggling to find that feeling of home in the city. Orphans were finding each other.

After some exciting chats with David and Anita, the Parks and Longs started what was meant to be a simple Vineyard Homegroup in Ottawa's East end. Meeting bi-weekly, the little group grew to 20-30 in the next few months, but being a homegroup was all that they had imagined the emerging community to be.

When a free church building was offered to the group mortgage free, they were all hesitant. (After all, they were only meant to be a homegroup!) But after 9 months of prayer, the Parks and Longs decided to move ahead and shift from being a homegroup to a weekly congregation. (Isn't it just like God to give orphans a home?)

Four years later, Vineyard Ottawa is a thriving congregation of like-hearted worshippers (who have a LOT of fun together!) VO has a round table leadership structure that consists of unpaid, co-vocational leaders.

Feeling passion to see true Kingdom distinctives worked out in the marketplace, Jason is Vice President of Corporate Development at CareerJoy, a national executive coaching firm.

Yvonne is a Publishing Design Specialist, and runs Pear Creative, a company that specializes in Publishing Design (book cover design, interior layout, and eBook design) as well as General Graphic Design and Political Campaign Creative Direction.