Andrew & Courtney Glidden, Saint John Vineyard

Tina-Marie Axenty, Mar 03, 2021, 4:07 AM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator

Andrew is from the United States. Courtney is from Canada. Everyone said it couldn't be done. But they defied the odds and in 2007 Courtney and Andrew got married after meeting at Bible College. Almost 14 years later they have 4 beautiful... lively... children.

In their early years Andrew was a youth pastor and Courtney was a school teacher. However, a seed had been planted in their college days concerning church planting, and soon they found themselves planting a church in the South End of Saint John, NB for the next 5 years. Moving into the South End was the most stretching faith experience either of them had ever had. This was a neighbourhood many people warned them wasn't ideal for their young family. However, Courtney and Andrew felt it was an opportunity for their family to experience Jesus in the margins, which is usually where He hangs out most. They went into the South End thinking they were bringing Jesus to a hurting neighbourhood, but they quickly found the neighbourhood brought Jesus to them. Living amongst marginalized people Courtney and Andrew were reminded once again of the importance of discipleship as a life-on-life reality, rather than a church program. It was during this season Andrew and Courtney were invited to guest speak at a church called Saint John Vineyard. Little did they know that years later this would be the very church they would be called to pastor.

Before landing at Saint John Vineyard Andrew also worked for the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada in the Youth and Family department where he had the privilege to be one of the founding directors of the One Conference. The One Conference is now the largest youth conference in Atlantic Canada. This was not significant because of the numbers but because it brought a multitude of denominations together, where everyone put down their denominational banners and worshiped under the same banner of Jesus and His Kingdom.

After his time with the CBAC Andrew helped develop a social enterprise coffee shop that enabled opportunities for those with employment barriers. It was the perfect combination of his love for coffee and discipleship. It was during this time the Glidden family found their way back to the Vineyard church that had invited them to guest speak years previous.

In January 2020 Andrew accepted the lead pastor position at Saint John Vineyard. Not knowing a lot about the Vineyard, Andrew attended the first REACH gathering a month later and it was there he felt he had finally found his people. It's been a less than ideal first year as a rookie Vineyard pastor, but Courtney and Andrew both know they can't imagine being part of any other family, both locally and nationally.

For fun Courtney loves to read, paint, and when she can find a wheel, spin some clay. Andrew loves woodworking, backpacking, and has a mild obsession with designer board games. Andrew also plans to pursue a MA in Counselling this fall.