Dawn Humphreys, Strathcona Vineyard

Tina-Marie Axenty, Apr 07, 2021, 5:21 AM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator

Dawn originally hails from Liverpool England, home to one of the greatest football clubs in the world (according to her :) ).

From a young age she had an adventurous spirit and enjoyed travelling and experiencing different cultures and cuisines.  She has been blessed to have lived and served in a variety of cultures nearly all of her adult life.

After accepting an invitation to join an incarnational community based in Hong Kong in 1992, she lived for 8 years in various parts of South-East Asia with St Stephen's Society.

Dawn's first home was in Macau where she lived with a group of men in a 'first stage house' who were learning to live drug free, and whose average age was 40. Men joined the community and spent their first 10 days in pajamas, receiving 24-hour care and prayer (without medication) as they withdrew from heroin. Within 3 months, Dawn had enough grasp of Cantonese to begin leading the spiritual formation of this new family.

After about 18 months, Dawn left her beloved Macau and became part of a small team preparing to pioneer work amongst teenage addicts in India. Their preparation involved learning to live and work together by starting St Stephens first house for teenage boys wanting to get off drugs. Dawn then moved to India and spent 3 years setting up a first stage house, second stage house and raising up and training young men to follow Jesus and lead the community.

Dawn moved back to Hong Kong in time for the handover in 1997, and the simultaneous release of nine Vineyard congregations. She began working with St Stephens outreach teams made up of wonderful local people who had previously been drug addicted before finding freedom in Jesus. These teams were dotted all over Hong Kong. They reached out to any of the poor and marginalized with the good news of Jesus' love and care for them and discipled people into a life giving relationship with Jesus, as they found supportive relationships within the local Vineyard congregation. It was during these 4 years that she began her foray into further theological education through distance learning. She also made long lasting and deep friendships and really enjoyed visiting some of the other teams who had landed in places like Bangkok, Thailand and Cebu Philippines. She misses her Chinese family and really enjoys visiting them every couple of years as well as visiting and encouraging her friends at the Cebu Vineyard.

After 8 years in South East Asia, Dawn took her first sabbatical and spent a few months in New Zealand before landing in Vancouver to visit friends. She ended up staying (of course) and became part of the Vineyard family in North Langley BC. Within a few months she also became part of the founding team for Jacob's Well, a relationally focused ministry in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, and was subsequently on staff for 11 years until 2012.

Dawn helped plant Strathcona Vineyard Church in 2005 and has served as lead pastor since 2008. Strathcona Vineyard is a small, vibrant, multi-ethnic, mixed socio-economic congregation in the heart of Vancouver's downtown eastside. She loves to serve the body of Christ and also works part-time for Regent College as a Pastoral Representative for the M.Div. Program.

In her spare time, she loves swimming, hiking, reading, learning, and cooking for friends.