Calum & Joyce Rees, Epic Vineyard, AB

Tina-Marie Axenty, Jun 10, 2021, 4:20 AM
Tina-Marie Axenty Foundations Team
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Calum and Joyce Rees initially met in 2006 at the culmination of our Vineyard Canada National Celebration in Nova Scotia, in the hotel restaurant where they were both staying. Two days later they were shocked to discover each other again in New Brunswick at Gary and Joy Best's patio table. An appreciation of fine cuisine runs deep with them both! They were married seven months later, and the rest they say is history!

Faith was formed early on in Calum's life, being a keen believer in both Welsh Rugby and Fulham Football Club. But it wasn't until he was twenty years old that he began his life with Jesus in earnest. Having been brought along to youth by a friend it took him six years in the church before the penny dropped, but once he encountered Jesus there was no looking back! Calum is known for having a tremendous sense of humour, bringing life to whoever experiences his musicianship, being very proud of his Welsh heritage, and having the heart of a pastor who often asks penetrating heart questions that draws people closer to Jesus. He moved to Canada from the UK in 2006, continuing in the development of his pastoral work (having been a part of South West London Vineyard, and on staff at Winchester Vineyard), and adding to over 25 years serving the Church worldwide through music and equipping around the globe. In addition to being an accomplished performer, (on every kind of stage, including London's West End), he has recorded over 300 albums with a rich diversity of artists. He is perhaps best known within the Vineyard as the smiling conference drummer and for his playing on albums like "Come, Now Is the Time" (1997) and "Hungry" (1999) with Brian Doerksen, Great Big God 1,2,& 3 (2001-2005) with Vineyard UK, and Dwell (2003) with the US Vineyard. As part of the GMA award winning band, The Shiyr Poets, Calum has loved composing fresh folk/rock settings for the Psalms and is hopeful touring life can begin again once the pandemic restrictions begin to shift. Random, but true, he's not only a drummer with a degree in music, Calum's also a 2005 Guinness World Record holder for the longest relay drum roll, lasting 22 hrs 5mins 23 secs!

Joyce had several profound encounters with the Holy Spirit as a kid, including hearing God call her to preach to Canada as a ten year old. She broke her back in a car accident when she was sixteen and three months later was radically and completely healed when she received prayer at a camp meeting. It was a four-year process for the insurance settlement, finalised when the Minister of Transportation wrote on her documents, "Faith healed by the power of God", and her insurance adjuster became of follower of Jesus. Without a doubt this encounter with God set Joyce on a passionate lifelong obedience to Jesus that led her into vocational ministry. She began pastoring in 1991 and has served in various roles in six churches. Joyce was the founding director of Jacob's Well, an intentional Christian community in the downtown east side of Vancouver, often referred to as the poorest postal code in Canada. During her near decade leading the Jacob's Well community she also planted the Strathcona Vineyard.  Joyce is a regarded speaker in many streams of the Church around the world and is co-creator of the theological podcast, Down to Earth, which had over 50,000 individual listeners in its second season! Additionally, she has served for the past two years in a part-time capacity as our National Resource Coordinator for Vineyard Canada. In this role she curates and creates resources for our Vineyard pastors and leaders, and supports our catalysts and their initiatives to strengthen Vineyard churches across the country.

Seven years ago the Rees' moved to Calgary with their sons, Finley and Connor, to lead Epic Vineyard Church. They have a passion to "equip the saints for works of service" and as a result spend a lot of their energy enabling others to bring their voice and gifts to bear in the life of the church, which has sustained significant growth even through the pandemic. They've followed the leading of the Holy Spirit in prioritizing the spiritual formation of children in their community, which has been key to their health as a church.

Joyce loves to make stuff – cooking a feast, writing, fibre art, print design, lino cutting or painting –she loves to create! Calum is an avid rower, loves to ski, cycle, and has managed to ride his motorcycle in every calendar month! Their ten and eleven-year-old sons keep them young and active, and as a family they are very much looking forward to camping season now that the better weather has finally arrived.