Kris & Livia MacQueen, Guelph Vineyard, On

Tina-Marie Axenty, Sep 8, 2021, 2:08 AM
The MacQueens.jpeg

Kris MacQueen pastors the Guelph Vineyard Church, and brings leadership to the Vineyard Creative initiative. He and his wife, Livia, are also performing musicians known as The MacQueens.

Kris was born and raised in southern Ontario, the oldest of four boys. Though his parents, Wayne & Sabrina, would also become Vineyard pastors later in life, they were not a believing household during Kris' childhood years. When Kris was around 13, he and his parents independently came to the Lord through different sets of neighbours. Go, neighbourhood evangelism!

They quickly found their spiritual family in the Cambridge Vineyard in 1989/1990. Kris was immediately drawn into the expressions of worship, and was mentored by Dan Wilt as a worship leader throughout his later teens. It was during these years that he began writing worship music.

Over the years they've been part of several church planting initiatives as well as more established Vineyard communities in Ontario and Manitoba. He and Livia were part of the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard from 2002 to 2009 and grew to love the city and its people. They made lasting friendships while in Manitoba, but decided to move back to Ontario to be closer to family. In 2010 Kris came full circle and joined the staff at the Cambridge Vineyard as Associate Pastor until 2018, when he felt led to the Guelph Vineyard, where he continues to pastor today.