Barry & Nancy Kaardal, Campbell River Vineyard, BC

Tina-Marie Axenty, Dec 1, 2021, 5:45 AM
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Barry & Nancy met in their high school in 1979 and were married in 1982.  They have raised 6 beautiful children and have 8 amazing grandchildren.  Barry & Nancy said yes to follow Jesus in November 1984.  This year, for them has been a year of finding ways to explore the island they live on, Vancouver Island, through camping, hiking, and involving their family and friends as much as possible.

Nancy oversees Children's Church which is a perfect fit for the heart God birthed in her for children.  Nancy always seems to have a lot of children around her whether in their home, at church, or when they go out to play.  Nancy believes the Spirit birthed in her heart years ago to make a space where children can feel safe and feel loved because one day that child will grow up and that now adult will know where to turn for love and safety....the Church!

Nancy has a deep passionate love for Jesus.  Not only grateful for what he did on the cross for her but so grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit.  When Nancy talks about what God has done ... the plans from the beginning of time ... when Jesus went to be with the Father ... the plan was for the Spirit to be here to help us in these days until He returns again. Nancy says each day she wakes up, her prayer is for God to lead her and let her see/hear what the Spirit is doing today.  Life has not been easy and life has been blessed....The blessed part is when Nancy notices her Abba's hands holding on to her in the not so easy times.

Barry & Nancy have Pastored the Campbell River Vineyard for 23 years, they stepped in after Charles and Anne Claus, who planted the church, moved on to plant a Vineyard church in Prince George. Over the years they have seen a lot in the Vineyard from the "Fathers Heart" emphasis which included a small bookstore in every church, the Prophetic emphasis in the 90's, the Toronto Airport renewal, through to today with an embracing of the more ancient paths even as we listen for the now voice of the Spirit!  Through it all God has been faithful, and walked with them, as well their Vineyard Canada family has been a constant support and encouragement.

Teaching and preaching is Barry's passion as a Leader, as well as seeing the body of Christ using their unique spiritual gifts for the Kingdom of God. Barry and Nancy turned 60 this last year, which is not ancient by today's standards, but they both feel "seasoned" as leaders and a little tired, and are looking to mentor that next generation to take the baton and run.

Barry maybe older but God has told him they are not done yet.  As a matter of fact as they walk through these challenging days of COVID and cultural change, they believe these days maybe the most significant days for both the church universal and their ministry...they want to finish the race well!

Something many of you may not know about Barry, it is that he is a closet "country music" singer.  He plays and sings mostly at retirement and care homes, as Barry jokingly says, "these are the only people who remember and appreciate the songs he sings. :)