National Fast 2023

Tina-Marie Axenty, Jan 9, 2023, 5:31 PM
Tina-Marie Axenty Foundations Team

Vineyard Canada National Fast 2023

Once again we are inviting our Canadian Vineyard family to enter into a time of fasting, prayer and listening to the Spirit together. This Fast will take place January 9-18th, 2023. As we lean into a new season as a family, focusing on the Mission of Jesus, we are struck with the truth that this is the way Jesus began his public ministry after His baptism. While we deeply value the personal fast when seeking clarity and discernment, we can't ignore the reality that fasting with others has an exponential reality to it that is born out in the biblical narrative and church history.

Collectively engaging in a fast, presses us to humble ourselves, set aside our egos, and cry out to God for mercy and grace. As we enter into this posture we allow for a greater capacity to hear the voice of the Father, break the resistance of the enemy and lean into new adventures in mission.  As Luke records, Jesus was "led by the Spirit" into his fasting in the wilderness and returned "full of the Spirit".

Through daily engagement with written reflections and online worship/prayer times, we trust that you will enter in with joy.  We encourage you to journal and share with us what you are hearing as we and lean in to hear the heartbeat of our good, good Father together.

Welcome to the adventure!! May God meet us as we set aside this time to seek Him.

Daily Fast Outline

Each morning David and Anita will host an on-line gathering on Zoom. These gatherings will begin promptly at 7AM PST and end at 7:45AM PST

We will be sending out prayer updates every few days including an anchoring liturgy, a common prayer and a scripture reading and focus.

We encourage you to send in to our VC listening team what you are hearing/sensing throughout the fast.

Please send your contributions to the following email: [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]

* Please contact your local Vineyard Church if you would like to participate. They will send you the zoom link