Regional Retreat

Tina-Marie Axenty, Mar 18, 2023, 3:52 AM
Tina-Marie Axenty Foundations Team
Rock Ridge.jpeg

It's time for us to gather and be revitalized in the beautiful surroundings of the RockRidge Canyon Retreat Centre located in Princeton, BC! We are faithfully committed to the purpose of our retreat, to provide a time of meaningful engagement and communal rest. We want to create a balance of encountering God in worship, teaching, and prayer, along with ample free time to connect with each other.

What To Expect. We have designed the schedule with a rhythm similar to recent years— breaking earlier from our evening gatherings, we will have extra time to enjoy great food, good tunes and relax in fireside conversations in our "Third Space".
Who's Invited? This year we are inviting all BC lead pastors, any pastoral staff members and or your key leaders. In addition we have opened up the retreat to our Alberta and Manitoba Vineyard pastors and leaders. We look forward to a rich relational engagement with our larger family!