Strathcona Vineyard Church, BC: Associate Pastor

Tina-Marie Axenty, Jun 30, 2023, 7:46 PM
Tina-Marie Axenty Foundations Team

Strathcona Vineyard is inviting you to apply for this transformative role of Associate Pastor in a small, vibrant and flourishing multi-ethnic, mixed socio-economic congregation in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

We are extending the deadline for our application until July 7th because we want to make sure you have not missed applying!

Is God calling you to step into a role where your leadership, missional heart, ministry experience, and passion can be part of the team who are igniting change in the Downtown Eastside?

Our church is known as one of the longest-standing, highly respected, welcoming and healing communities in our Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. We stand as a beacon of hope in a neighbourhood that is often highlighted for its struggles and not for its Kingdom opportunity and life.

We have been a consistent presence for almost two decades, illuminating lives with love and warmth, mending fractured hearts, and building bridges of understanding and acceptance. Our call as Vineyard, to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in 'doing what our Lord asks us to do', has resonated throughout the neighbourhood, manifesting in creative, relationship-centric missional engagement that seeks to draw singles and families under Christ's sheltering love.

We have been able to cultivate a worship and learning environment that is accessible to people from every walk of life, including those from more educated backgrounds to those in recovery, all learning to share life in Christ together.  Our congregation represents the full and beautiful variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds of our city, including a strong representation from First Nations communities.

As an Associate Pastor at Strathcona Vineyard, you'll be entrusted with the crucial task of working alongside our Lead Pastor in carrying forward our ministry's mission of unity, diversity, and unwavering faith, as we aim to be a community living out the words and works of Jesus in the city.

  • Small Groups: The role necessitates your unique touch in fostering community growth, particularly through small-group ministry, a cornerstone in the Vineyard's 'everyone gets to play' philosophy.
  • Families form a vibrant mosaic of our congregation, each piece a distinct narrative shaped by diverse backgrounds and experiences. Your missional leadership will involve opportunities to reach families for God's Kingdom and give oversight to a great team of leaders who lead the Kids Ministry. We believe this vital ministry creates an environment that not only nourishes spiritual growth but cultivates a lifelong commitment to the teachings of Jesus.
  • Volunteers are our silent heroes, their commitment to serving the vision of the church and to loving one another echoes the Vineyard family value of servanthood. As an Associate Pastor, your role will extend to supporting, encouraging these valued community members, and bolstering their spirits as they navigate their journey of faith and service.
Step into this role and you won't just be joining a team - you'll become part of a thriving spiritual community, deeply committed to being a vibrant inner-city presence of Christ's transforming love in action. Whether you're seeking to deepen your ministry and life experience through learning from seasoned practitioners or you bring prior experience and a fervent passion for families and children, this position promises to be more than just a job. It's an opportunity to shepherd a faith-filled journey, touch lives, and learn from those who live and serve in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Are you ready to lead, learn, inspire, and transform? Strathcona Vineyard can't wait to meet you.


The Strathcona Vineyard Associate Pastor should be gifted and called to church ministry, love people, and have a passion for community, neighbourhood engagement and pastoral care.

  • He or she would work as part of a pastoral team, supporting the Lead Pastor in the overall vision and leadership of the church. She or he would assist in areas such as team planning, teaching, preaching, spiritual support, supervision of volunteers, pastoral care and visitation.
  • She or he would also have oversight of specific ministries i.e. Small Groups and Children/Families ministry in line with her or his gifting and passions. She or he would work with the pastoral team in coming up with creative ideas for discipling our growing community. He or she would be involved in leading and coordinating small groups and giving oversight to our children and families ministry creating and implementing fresh ideas for reaching, connecting and disciplining current and prospective new families and individuals. Our current Kids' Church on Sundays is run by a strong and capable team who creates and organizes the curriculum and onboards and trains Kids' Church Leaders and Assistants - this team is currently overseen by the Lead Pastor.
Personal Characteristics

Spiritual Leadership

  • Displays evidence of spiritual maturity, including a regular life of prayer, Bible study, rest, worship, and financial stewardship
  • Displays evidence of humility, teachability, and personal integrity
  • Competent and growing in cultural and emotional intelligence with interpersonal skills to relate and serve a multi-ethnic, mixed socio-economic, multi-generational church setting
  • Ability to remain emotionally strong through stressful situations and has growing competency in conflict resolution skills
  • Self-motivated, effective time management, strong administrative abilities
  • Has a passion to help people grow in their life of faith and obedience.
  • Has a missional heart and passion to share about Jesus in church and unchurched contexts with adults and children, including those who are vulnerable and marginalized.
  • Aligns with Vineyard Canada's theology, values and practices; previous experience of serving in a Vineyard Church ministry context is an asset
  • A lifelong learner in leadership, ministry, and discipleship
Education, Skills & Qualifications
  • Required: Experience working in ministry is essential and training in theology, ministry, discipleship, education, or church leadership, that aligns with the Vineyard's values
  • Master's degree or equivalent training with Vineyard Institute in theology and/or biblical leadership
  • Training and/or experience of at least 3 years working with those from marginalized contexts including those struggling with drug addiction and mental health concerns
  • A combination of education and experience that demonstrates a missional heart for the church
  • Excellent administrative and organizational skills, including time and task management
  • A creative and collaborative communicator, with good verbal and writing skills
  • A proven track record of effective leadership
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop, manage, and motivate team members and volunteers
  • Energetic, proactive, goal-oriented, patient, kind, encouraging, and positive
  • Team oriented: clear about own responsibilities, but able to be flexible and adapt quickly to unexpected circumstances with a willingness to pitch in/do what it takes to get ministry done
  • She or he would be accountable to the Lead Pastor, who is herself overseen by the Strathcona Board of Directors
Love Protects:
  • The role requires applicants to demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults of all backgrounds and have a good awareness of relevant policies, procedures, legislation and guidance. Candidates will be required to submit a criminal record check

Hours and Remuneration:

  • The part-time position would be approximately 20-24 hours per week (negotiable)
  • Salary range: $25,000 to $29,500 annually
  • NOTE: compensation will be based on hours, and experience
  • The ideal candidate will be bi-vocational as we recognize this part-time position is not a living wage on its own.
  • We know Vancouver can be an expensive city to find rental accommodation, however we have experienced lots of provision in the area of housing and will endeavour to support any successful applicant in finding the right place.

Application Process:

Interested applicants are invited to forward inquiries and a resume and cover letter to: [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]
Attention: Dawn Humphreys
Deadline: July 7, 2023