An Introduction to Trauma Informed Worship

Krista Heide, May 1, 2024, 3:33 PM
Krista Heide
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FREE WEBINAR: An Introduction to TRAUMA  INFORMED WORSHIP with Krista Heide.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
11AM PDT | 12 MDT | 1PM CDT | 2PM EDT | 3PM ADT

This introductory one hour webinar will explore the impact of trauma on bodies, emotions and minds. We'll learn about trauma informed care, with practical examples and suggestions on how to weave this understanding into our worship practices and spaces. Participants will discover new ways to offer deeper spaces for individual and collective healing as we encounter God together.

This webinar is open to everyone, including our extended Vineyard family, @vineyardusa @vineyardjustice @vineyardworship @vusamissions @vineyardcreatives -  Please share!

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Krista Heide is an artist, spiritual director, and pastor. She also serves Vineyard Canada as part of the Vineyard Creative team. She holds her Masters in Ministry from St. Stephens University, and has worked at both University of Manitoba and Trinity Western University researching the role of art based practices in holistic health care.
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