Robert & Inga Raw, Brandon Vineyard

Tina-Marie Axenty, Nov 11, 2020, 3:34 AM
Vineyard Canada Global Moderator
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Vineyard, Cape Town South Africa in 1996, then led by Derek Morphew, who performed their wedding ceremony in 1998. They served there until 2001.

In 2001 they felt the Lord was stirring their hearts with a desire to go to the nations. They started pursuing extended times of prayer and worship with very good friends, and spiritual mentors, Guy (South African) and Rosemary (Canadian) and others.

Through a series of events they were exposed to what was happening at Winnipeg Vineyard and signed up for the School of Social Justice, in 2002. When the school was cancelled the Lord clearly led them to the International House of Prayer, Kansas City, what was initially going to be a 6 month internship became a 6 year journey, on staff at IHOP KC. The "house of prayer" is now a part of their DNA, as a couple.

The Raw's returned to South Africa in October 2008 and Inga served on the pastoral staff of Stellenbosch Vineyard under Chris Goddard's leadership.

In 2017 God started bringing to remembrance the vision and desire to go to Canada and through a series of wonderful connections and divine leading they became connected with Ed and Lynn Creary. The dream of Canada became a reality in 2019. He is never late. His timing is perfect.

With deeps roots in both the Vineyard and IHOP values, worship and prayer is an integral part of their individual lives, but also has a distinct corporate expression in Brandon Vineyard Community Church. Amongst other things they value the physical and emotional healing work of the spirit of God and are committed to serving those who need extra support in the downtown community. Robert and Igna dream of growing a missional expression, both locally and abroad.

Robert and Inga have lived in Brandon, Manitoba since May 2019, with their three children, Hannah (18), Isaac (15) and Lily (12). Brandon Vineyard Community Church and they stand amazed at the work the Lord has done to position them in Canada, for such a time as this.