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Psalm 78:72 - "He cared for them with a TRUE HEART (integrity of heart) and led them with SKILLFUL HANDS" 

This passage speaks of King David, who was a leader, general, king, worshipper, and called "a man after God's own heart" (Acts 13:22). We know more about David than any other person in scripture and though his life is not the perfect life, his life is a "witness" to the life of God at work in a person struggling to surrender to the life of God at work in him. Through David's life we are witnesses to a leader becoming alive, aware, and responsive to the life of God.

This passage serves as a template for leadership development in the Kingdom of God. The development of heart posture and skill development includes some of the following:

Empathy towards others
Passion for God's purposes
Trusting God in the process
Letting Go and Surrendering to God
Integrity under pressure
Character formation
Servant Leadership - Putting others first
Receiving the life and love of God - Knowing you are enough

Emotional Intelligence – relationship management and self-management
Leading yourself – You can't take people where you haven't gone
Doing Difficult conversations well – dealing with the challenges of leading people well.
Listening to the Spirit/Hearing his Voice
Praying for people – Engaging with "What the Father is doing" in a situation
Strategic thinking – How to take a vision and execute it moving a community forward
Building a team – Healthy teams make for healthy communities
Leading for the long haul – Finishing Well

Our goal for leadership development is transformation. We know that the greatest leaders lead out of their own personal renewal and growth. This kind of transformation involves imagining something new, learning new skills, doing the work to become a leader who inspires others to follow. Transformation happens when we learn, and share ideas.

Vineyard Canada provides leadership development training modules for its key leaders and pastors. For more information please contact Todd Rutkowski, our Community Health & Leadership Development Coordinator.