Surprising Blessings

Tina-Marie Axenty, Nov 12, 2020, 4:11 AM
Anita Ruis National Director
We bless you.png

Several  weeks ago David and I were privileged to be a part of an "adoption" ceremony that was hosted on line to welcome the New Joy Community in Surrey, B.C  into our Canadian Vineyard Family.  Members of the Foundations Team, the B.C. Regional Team and others from around the country were on deck to take part in this fun event.

In preparation for the call, I set aside some time to wait, listen and ask the Spirit for any encouragement He had for New Joy as they joined the family. I came away with a heart to craft and speak over them, a few blessings as well as encourage them from Paul's Apostolic Prayer in Ephesians 1. Cathy Graham, our Foundations Team Spiritual Life Coordinator,  was also supposed to share what she was sensing.  At the last minute however, a family situation arose and she was not able to make the call. I was unaware of this until the service was almost over.

Later in the week when I checked in with Cathy we discovered to our delight, that what I had sensed God had given me to share with our new friends was exactly what Cathy had felt she was to share. Both the prayer from Ephesians, as well as to speak blessings over them. It was yet another example that demonstrated to us that God speaks His heart no matter what circumstance or shifts seem to get in the way. As we like to say in Vineyard Canada, "the Lord speaks like a rain, not water from a spout." We were so comforted and encouraged.

The next week, David and I felt to speak these same blessings over our local Vineyard here in Kelowna during our Virtual Gathering. We feel the nudge from the Spirit to do the same over Vineyard Canada.

"We bless you in Jesus name to be lovers of mercy, abundant in the kindness of Christ for the lease the lost and the lonely.

We bless you in Jesus name to be rich in humility as you shine His light into the shadowy places the Shepherd leads you into.

We bless you in Jesus name to find your strength in Him alone, so that you may experience the joy of knowing that He is sufficient.

We bless you in Jesus name to experience the nourishing life that comes from being connected into His family.  May you embrace the gift of both giving and receiving,  the joy of both serving and being served and the encouragement that comes as we stand with one another."

We are so grateful for this family. Peace, strength and grace to you all.

Anita Ruis