Searching for Joy- A Reflective Exercise

Krista Heide, Dec 12, 2020, 11:29 PM
Krista Heide
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Much like the angelic proclamation to the shepherds, advent speaks of the truth that in Jesus a great joy has been given to us. But in a year where fear, tension, anxiety, and conflicts rule our news feed, sometimes we need some assistance in our ability to receive and rest in this joy.

Set aside a moment of time to do one of the following reflection exercises with your family, or on your own. As you answer the questions below, notice how the memories and images stir up joy and hope in your physical body. As you listen to others share, pause to name the smiles, or laughter, or glimmers of joy that emerge. Allow yourself to sit and rest in this moment, letting it be a place of reprieve and refreshment.

An M&M Thankfulness Game (from Shauna Niequist)
Pass around a bag of M&Ms. Pull out an M&M without looking at it and share with the group based on the chart below:
Brown- Name a place or location you are grateful for and why
Blue- Name something in nature you are grateful for and why
Green- Name an activity you are grateful for and why
Yellow- Name an object or possession you're grateful for and why
Orange- Name a moment you're grateful for and why
Red- Name a person you're grateful for and why
A Sensory Joy Scavenger Hunt

Using memories and your imagination make a creative word map while you brainstorm individually, or with your family about the sensory experience of joy.

What does Joy smell like?
-list smells that evoke joy

What does Joy taste like?
-list flavours that evoke joy

What does Joy sound like?
-list sounds that evoke joy

What does Joy look like?
-list sights that evoke joy

What does Joy feel like?
-how do you experience joy in your body?

After each exercise take a moment to give thanks to God for the gifts of joy in your life, and ask for refreshed eyes to notice joy as we continue on our journey through Advent.